Congrats on taking steps to further your career! A great acting resume is vital when trying to get representation or when walking into any audition. An acting resume is like any regular resume that lists your work history. An acting resume should represent you and highlight your achievements in the best possible way. We allow you to choose from multiple templates, enter your information and download a PDF or Word version of your resume in just minutes! It's that easy. All We Are Actors members can save their resumes to their acting profiles! Follow the steps below to create your acting resume!

Step One: Choose a template. 

Step Two: Enter Personal Information (Name, Email, Phone Number etc)

Step Three: Add theater experience 

Step Four: Add film and TV experience

Step Five: Add your training experience 

Final Step: Download PDF or Word version of your acting resume! Members can save the resume to their We Are Actors Profiles!

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Step Six: Add a photo (If applicable. Please see note on photo size)

Step Seven: Add your special skills


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