Why should you advertise with weareactors.com? We have created several diverse advertising methods that can be uniquely beneficial to advertisers of all kinds. Local businesses, theater companies and other websites can utilize the various advertising opportunities we offer.


Sponsored Links

Local businesses offering services such as acting classes, casting workshops etc.. can take advantage of our sponsored link ads. These are text ads located at the top of the listings pages related to your specific business. For example, if you are an acting studio in Atlanta, your ad will be highlighted at the top of the Atlanta - Acting Studio page. Example below.





















Display Units

Display units are creative ads that come in various sizes we strategically place on specific pages of the site. We offer various sized ads such as 728x90, 300x60 and 250x300. These ads are perfect for all business types and also production companies advertising theater or film. You can either provide us with your creative or we can create one for you and place it on our site. Examples below. Contact us for pricing information!



































Members Announcements

Inside the members section is a members announcements area that is uploaded daily with various advertisements from all four cities. If you are advertising a casting workshop and have a few seats left, you can send us your poster/creative with all the workshop information. We will add it to the announcements area which will only be available to our members. Below is an example of what it would look like.


















Partnering Promotions

We are always open to discussing possible cross promotions at any time. For unique advertising opportunities please contact us to discuss. One often used tool is offering discounts to other business when members sign up to weareactors.com. For instance, you are a photographer in Vancouver and would like to promote your business. We could offer our new members 10% off their headshots when they sign up on our site. You are an acting studio that has just opened up in Atlanta? You could offer half off the first month of acting classes to new members of our site. Possibilities are endless!


Email Campaigns/Blasts

Our database of member, subscriber and business emails is another market advertisers can tap into. We can setup either one time or scheduled email blasts to specific sections of our email database. Producing a play and would like to offer discount early bird tickets? We can blast your creative to our email list of actors, directors, writers, producers and all other industry professionals. Custom email templates can be created for you or be handed to us for use. Our email list is your target market, leading to much higher return on your investment.


Contact us to get more information on pricing:




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