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Updated: Sep 28

Our dear friend and superb actress Christina Helena recently gave a TEDx Talk and we are so proud of her accomplishment.

Christina Helena is a speaker, performer and writer based in New York City. She is redefining and modernizing the stigma behind trauma and pain with one simple thought: Your scar is the sexiest thing about you. At nineteen years old, she became one of the youngest Pancreatic Cancer survivors in the world and four months later she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from Marymount Manhattan College.

Christina knows the physical and emotional toll that our scars have on our self-worth and ability to love ourselves. Given six months to live Christina asked herself: “What do you want more, your potential or to run away from the pain?”

Christina trained at LAMDA, The London Academy of Music & Drama where she earned a Master’s in Classical Performance. A couple years later, she studied philosophy and theology at the University of Philosophical Research earning a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. With a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies, she offers a refreshing and captivating take on the soul and consciousness from a philosophical perspective.

Her two master’s degrees birthed SCAR, an autobiographical solo show currently in development for an off-Broadway production, to be directed by the award-winning director Larry Moss. SCAR is about the cycle of violence and the choice each individual has to become the reflection of their trauma or the choice to discover the Self. What does it take to not become the imprint of what happened? Against all odds, she trusted her intuition. It saved her life. Forty-characters. One woman. One stage.

Most recently, Christina’s talk, “My SCAR is Sexy” from the Momentum Conference was featured on Goalcast where it received 7 million views. In her TEDx talk “Dear Unresolved Soul, It’s Not Death You Fear, It’s Life,” she spoke about the perceived fear of mortality humans have as a substitution for the need of self-responsibility for resolution of one’s pain at the TEDxSouthLakeTahoe event.

As a highly sought-after speaker on personal development and identity, she is helping others re-shape their mindset, understanding and perspective so they can become so cemented into their truth. Her empowerment blog, My SCAR is Sexy is a bi-weekly reminder that we are human.

Check out the full TED Talk below.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s in Communication Arts Master’s in Classical Performance Master’s in Consciousness Studies


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