Welcome To Weareactors.com

Updated: Sep 28

We Are Actors is an online community built by actors, for actors in an always evolving market. With the rise in new emerging hubs, weareactors.com guides actors with all their industry needs when in cities they are unfamiliar with. Our online community revolves around the four major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Vancouver.

The idea for We Are Actors came out of a necessity we felt was missing in our industry. We got together and brainstormed ideas of how we could make every actors life easier both in their own cities and on the move. Due to the boom of eco casting, actors need to be more mobile and much more informed than they used to be. We also require many more easily available services than before. This is why we broke our research down into three sections. The three pillars of our community: Information, Artist Services and Networking.


You hear it from actors all the time. For actors starting out, most of the questions are usually about wanting to know things. Do you have an agent? Who are they? Where do you train? We believe an informed actor is a more efficient actor. The industry is difficult enough to navigate, the answers to basic questions shouldn’t be an obstacle when starting out. So, weareactors.com provides an online database of Talent Agents, Talent Managers, Acting Studios, and Casting Workshops in all four major cities. You can access all this information right from the homepage by clicking your city of choice and browsing through the listings. With just one click you can go right to their website or call them right from your phone. Moreover, our We Are Actors blog and podcast will post up to date information to keep all community users in the loop with industry wide changes.

Artist Services

Artist Services are tools an actor requires to do his/her job more efficiently. On weareactors.com you can now find the nearest Acting Studio, Rehearsal Space or Self Tape Studio by just entering your zip/postal code. Our Zip Search Tool will find the service you require that is closest to you. Have a last minute audition you need to tape but are in another city? No problem, enter your zip, call the listing and set up an appointment. Every listing comes with real ratings from the business users so you can make the best decision about which company to use. This tool helps so many of our members working in another city find what they are looking for.


The most exciting part of weareactors.com is our Members Section, which we believe will become the most popular industry networking community to date. Networking is a key element to so many facets of the acting industry. Meeting the right people at the right time can create opportunities, we know this from experience. So how do we make it easier for people to get in contact with one another, for the right reasons? This is where our members section comes into play. Let us break it down for you.

Become a member

Becoming a member is easy and free, you just enter your email and create a password. Once you have done this you are officially a member of weareactors.com. Becoming a member gives you access to networking tools non members don’t have. Up to now all the services we have mentioned are available to all who access the regular site. The members section goes much beyond that.

Member Section

The first thing you do when becoming a member is set up your profile. Your profile is only accessible by other members. Post a profile photo, headshots, reel and write up a bio. Any information you would like other community members to see is what you would add to your profile. Also, all member profiles come with their own blog. You can write a blog which will be seen by all community members who follow your profile.

Follow your profile? Yes, once you have created your profile you can scroll through the members section and look for your friends and follow them just like you do on other social profiles. This way you can see what your friends/contacts are up to. Book a new gig? Let your friends now with a blog post. Your episode of Law and Order SVU is tonight? Send a private message to your community members to let them know to tune in! Yes you can direct message other members right from the site.

Member announcements is something we have very worked hard to be able to offer our members. All members have an announcement bar that sits at the top of their profile. When a new announcement is available, they will be indicated by a red dot. What are these announcements? Well, these are exclusive offers given to weareactors.com just for our members.

- Special discounts on workshops/classes in your given city.

- Discounts to show tickets you can take advantage of.

- Information on events.

- Members can announce their own upcoming events.

- Special partnerships happening you now have access to.

The Members Forum

The Members Forum is also part of the members section but needs to be highlighted on its own because, well its freakin amazing.

Not all roles being cast go on breakdowns. In fact, there are a lot of projects such as shorts and indie films being done that don’t go on actors access or breakdown services. Many of these projects are cast through personal relationships. Many actors create their own work and we want to highlight these projects and give our members a place to cast.

-The Casting Forums

Each of the four cities will have its own casting forum where members can post a breakdown for other members to see. You feel you are right for the part? You can direct message that member or send your information to the email they provide. Pretty awesome right?

Are you shooting a short film and want to find a DP or any other crew member? Doing a play and need a stage manager? Well we have a solution for you there as well.

- Services Rendered Forum

Create a forum post for whatever job listing you are looking for and other members can apply for that job. Just list all the requirements such as the shoot dates location and pay (if applicable) and wait for submissions.

Going out of town to shoot, or just to visit family? Rent can be expensive especially in cities like New York. No one wants to pay rent while out of town. Actors face this problem a lot which is why it was one of the biggest issues that came up during brainstorming. We have a solution.

- The Rental Forums

Each city will have its own forum where members can post a listing about their apartment/room that they would like to rent out. This information will obviously be private and only available to other members. Leaving for a week and want to cover the costs? We can help you find a fellow actor looking for a place to stay. Less stress on your pocket is something we can all agree we need. Everyone looking to rent their apartment must abide by the rules of their city/state. If living in a larger community building, must also abide by the rules of that community.

Please bare with us as we continue to grow and find more ways to serve our site users. If there are any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you. Please email us at contact@weareactors.com.